Tropical fruit processing equipment

POLYFRUIT - Juice extractor for tropical fruit -

POLYFRUIT is the only juice extractor existing today in the international market able to process several variety of whole fruit of any size, such as: pineapples, passion fruit, guavas, bananas (only premium quality), melons, papayas and citrus. Yelds are higher in quantity and quality than those of any other type of extractor.

POLYFRUIT juice extractor can be configurated in several versions, each of one suits to a specific fruit variety. The configurations can be easily changed from one to the other fruit by a rapid replacement of some of its components provided as a kit with the extractor. The operation needs just one operator and about 20 minutes to be completed. (click here to see the picture)

POLYFRUIT juice extractors are very reliable because of their design and construction, they need low maintenance charges that guarantee them a very long lifetime.


Working principle
  • The POLYFRUIT can receive citrus and tropical fruit into its feed hopper. It can handle fruit of any size simultaneously.

  • A horizontal knife fixed between two counter rolling cylinders cuts the fruit into two halves. Then the half fruit is dragged by the rolling cylinders along the squeezing channels: here the juice comes out and is filtered through a perforated stainless steel sheet. The channels have different profiles according to the variety of fruit being processed.

  • The squeezing pressure on fruit can be easily adjusted according to their assortments, ripening and the thickness of the peel, in order to get the maximum output of juice without compromising the quality.  

  • The peels are ejected exhausted by two proper stainless steel chutes and conveyed to the peel silo. The pineapple peels could be carried to the Polypress PL 1 screw press to get back the remaining juice

  • The juice is conveyed outwards through an underlying tank and then is pumped to the 2 EPV juice finisher.

  • The squeezing and conveying of juice is done in closed chambers in order to avoid the contact with air.

  • The machine can be easily opened and disassembled for a complete sanitary washing.

 Technical data
  • Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

  • Required power: 4 kW for the standard machine.

  • 0,37 kW motor gear-box for the optional screw conveyor for pulp.

  • Automatic washing system with piping and nozzles.

  • Working capacity:
    - citrus fruit up to 6-8 tons/hour
    - tropical fruit up to 4 tons/hour.

  • length mm. 1740; width mm. 1380; height mm. 1710;

  • juice outlet: height 550 mm through a DN 40 fitting.


Photo Gallery


  Tropical juice extraction line                             Pineapple peels outlet



   Pineapple juice outlet of 2 EPV finisher              Passion fruit peels outlet


Passion fruit and papaya juice outlet before finishing (opened for pictures purpose) 



    Papaya peels                                     Guava pulp before finishing and peels                                                            



  Banana peels outlet                                          Banana pulp outlet before finishing 



  Mandarin peels outlet                                                             Lime peels outlet



Video of a pineapple processing plant.


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